Your Brain and the Woman Who Craved Dirt

woman who craved dirtI remember reading or hearing about a pregnant woman who craved dirt and then went out into her backyard to get some to eat.  As the story goes, she was supposedly lacking some essential minerals in her diet and began craving dirt which supposedly supplied those missing minerals.

Now, I don’t know if there is any truth to the story, if it actually happened or not.  So, what does the woman who craved dirt have to do with your brain?  Well, today we feature a brain power video that may help explain the brains ability to keep us alive in certain survival and crisis situations.

In this featured brain power video a man lost at sea, but with the ability to survive by eating fish, finds that the fish may not be enough to keep him alive and begins to have some strange cravings of his own!  Check out this brain power video to see for yourself.  This is brain power video number 2 in a brain power series.   The first brain power video was featured in our post Can Your Brain Slow Down Time.

Just maybe the woman who craved dirt story has some basis in reality.

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