Word Rage Word Scramble Brain Game

wordrageOkay, this word scramble brain game is addictive.  I went looking for a good brain game to feature here today and almost didn’t post this because I couldn’t stop playing!

Anyway, this word scramble brain game is called Word Rage.  The object of the game is to make words out of the scrambled word they give you.  The more words you make the more points you make.  There is also a rage word which boosts the points you can earn.

Here is a description of the game:

Make as many words as possible from the jumbled word given to you on-screen to achieve your target. Skip a jumbled word if you run out of words to create. A skip costs you points. The ‘Blue Word’ gets you a free skip. In Rage Mode you earn bonus points for each word you make. The higher the Rage Combo the more bonus points you earn. The ‘Rage Word’ gets you into Rage Mode faster.

Give this one a little time to load – it is worth it.  First you’ll see a quick commercial then when the “play game” button fully loads in the lower right corner click it.   Two more quick screens will show up – Ocean Breeze Games and White Space I believe – DON’T CLICK THOSE.  Just wait a sec for the game console to load – it will say “Word Rage.”  I was playing the word scramble game in classic mode.

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