Word Games to Enhance Brain Power

enhance brain powerBelow we have two different word games to enhance brain power.  These word games will get you thinking!

In the first word game you must guess what the word is despite it having several letters missing.

The second game is a word puzzle in which you must guess the word contained in the square.  It is called square words.   Both brain games enhance brain power so feel free to play them often.


The brain game below is called square words.  This one is difficult not from the aspect of actually playing (okay it’s not real easy!) but from the aspect of the instructions.  It took me a little while to figure out just what you could and couldn’t do in regards to actually finding the words in the diagram.  If you have trouble at first just hit continue to get the answer and then press the back button to see how it was arrived at.  Do this a couple of times and you’ll see the different ways you can arrive at the correct answer in this word game designed to enhance brain power – specifically yours!

So, don’t be a square – play this “square words” brain game now!

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