What is the Best Food?

what is the best foodWhat is the best food on the planet?   The jury is still out and the opinions are varied.   I’m pretty sure though, that that hunk of meat shaped like a question mark is not in the top 10 – at least on the list of the foods that are supposed to be healthy for you!

When asking the question of what is the best food I guess it would have to vary by the individual and how they react to their favorite healthy foods.

Nowadays there are tons of claims being made for the health benefits of a wide variety of so called Superfoods.  Some of those claims are clearly exaggerated yet others are truly representative of some magnificent “superfoods.”   In fact, we featured Green Tea Matcha on a previous post here at Brainsngames as a powerful superfood!

What is the best food?  Claims have been made for broccoli, spinach, blueberries, cacao seeds, acai berries, apples, fish and their oils, cabbage, garlic, almonds, mushrooms, green tea, flax, pomegranates, red wine, and even dark chocolate.  Hey, you can’t really go wrong with any of those choices and the more of them you add to your diet the better off you’ll probably be.

However, the creator of the video featured here suggests that the number 1 superfood is the avocado.   Now, because I’m a spicy guacamole lover I am not going to disagree with his assessment!   In fact, in the last two years I’ve tried to incorporate more of this superfood into my diet after reading how wonderful it is for you.   This vegetable is creamy, delicious and when mixed with some onion, lime juice, tomatoes, peppers and spices makes a fantastic dip!

The avocado provides almost 20 essential nutrients and is said to be great for your heart.   Add to that the pleasing taste and you’ve got a healthy addition to any diet.  In fact, at Avocado.org the avocado is called “the perfect food.”   For more info on the avocado you can check out the Wikipedia entry on the avocado.

Remember, one of the keys to good brain health is to have a healthy mind in a healthy body.  The more good foods you can put into your body, the sharper your brain will be.

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