Weird Illusions Video

weird illusionsToday we feature some weird illusions in a video that showcases 10 different amazing optical illusions in just 2 minutes.  Actually, we have a couple of weird illusion videos for your mind blowing enjoyment!   Some of the weird illusions in the video above include the “crooked squares illusion,” the “freaky faces illusion,” and the “strange satellite illusion,”

Below, we have a cool fire illusion video – if a fire illusions video can be called cool!


Hope you enjoyed these weird illusions.   Check below for some more brain illusions videos!

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weird illusions Videos

The Impossible Motion Illusions Video

More weird illusions in this impossible motions video.

Best Optical Illusions Video

Some very interesting weird illusions especially using color and movement in this best optical illusions video!

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  1. Carlos says:

    beautiful, crazy and necesary

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