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three brain videoCheck out this three brains video now!  Is this a video of a three-headed person that we are featuring today?   Actually, no.   However, it a great video of Joe Dispenza in a TED talk in Tacoma discussing the three brains we all have and how you can use them to override previous bad programming that is not serving you.

As Dispenza notes we all have three brains that  allow us to go from thinking to doing to being.   Your first brain is the neocortex which is the newest and most highly evolved in human beings.  Right underneath the neocortex is the limbic or chemical brain, aka the emotional brain.   Behind that is the cerebellum or reptilian brain, the seat of the subconscious mind.

The three brains work to help you build neural networks.   Everytime you learn something new you are forging new neural connections.   Dispenza does a great job of discussing how learning affects the brain and neural networks and actually shows some great video clips of what thoughts or ideas look like in our brains!   He also quotes some mind blowing statistics such as each of us having more electrical impulses in our brain everyday than all the cells phones in the world!

What is one of the keys to improving your life?   Take in and learn as much self-empowering information as you can.  What this does is to set up neural connections and networks in your brain that can with time and more learning overcome bad programming that you have picked up and that may not be serving you in your life.  Well, that is my simplified explanation at least!

To get the full gist watch and listen to this three brains video now and see what Joe Dispenza has to say about our three brains and how to make them work for us!

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