The Success Pill – Fact or Fantasy?

successpillIn the movie Limitless the main character takes a smart pill or smart drug that can also be called a success pill because of the effects it has on the people that take it.  Watch the trailer for the movie Limitless above to see how it changed the life of one man.

Like the mythical pill in the movie, there is now a pill called Provigil that some are touting as a real-life success pill.  Call it what you will, success pill, smart pill, brain pill, etc., just know that many folks now swear that it has changed their life for the better.  However, be forewarned this is a prescription only drug and the long term effects are not yet known.  While known side effects are said to be limited, nobody knows for sure.

Provigil is prescribed to help improve wakefulness in adults who experience excessive sleepiness  due to one of the following diagnosed sleep disorders: obstructive sleep apnea, shift work sleep disorder, or narcolepsy.  But, it is taken for much more than that.  Like the gent in the movie above, many folks who take it report being sharper and clearer and being able to concentrate better.  They note that they can complete a lot more work than before and do a better job of the work they are doing.  It has been reported that students are using it to get better grades, and poker players to help increase their concentration.  It is popular on the black market for those looking to get it without a prescription.

Below is a news cast video detailing what the hype is all about.  Should you be taking this “success pill?”  Only if your doctor prescribes it.


Is there any success pill that you take that you think is helping you?  Let us know in the comments section below.  Do you think there will ever be a success pill like the one portrayed in the movie Limitless?   Would you take it if there were bad side effects?

Have you seen the Success Secrets of the guy who started the Millionaire Society?  No magic pill here just a detailed system of success.

success pill Videos

One Woman's Provigil Experience

One woman reports her experience with Provigil

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  1. Mike Knish says:

    Nearly every addicting drug was touted as safe. When you take the pill you give up you. The person succeeding is you on a drug. You will have accomplished nothing.

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