The Shumann Resonance – the Earth’s Heartbeat?

Shumanns Resonance Earth's HeartbeatIs the Shumann Resonance the earth’s heartbeat?   Some have laebelled it so.

The Shumann Resonance is a sound tone measured at 7.8 hz.  The Shuman Resonances are global electromagnetic resonances. Claims have been made that listening to this frequency may be beneficial to one’s health.  One reported study claimed that blood pressure was lowered when listening to this frequency.

The Shumann resonance video above has the tone in binaural beat format.  It is best experienced using headphones.

I am currently reading an interesting book by Gregg Braden called the Divine Matrix which details the connected nature of everything around us.  In the video below Braden talks about the Shumann Resonance, a pole shift and other related topics.


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