The Number Box – A Math Brain Game

Math Brain GameHey, want to hone your brain power, boost your memory and quite possibly get frustrated at the same time?  Lol, play the number box math brain game!

Hi folks, I created the Number Box math brain game videos to help kickstart your brain power.  What I didn’t realize is that I might have made it a tad too difficult to get through this math brain game without pausing the video at some point (or several points!)   Now, I’m fairly fast at math and can make it through more than three-fourths of each of these brain twister videos without stopping.   However, after awhile the questions seem to be flying at you!   Let me know how you fare.  I plan to create a few more of these and ease back a bit on the amount of time needed to figure them out.   Just be warned these math brain game videos will push you.  So, are you ready to take on the Number Box?


Ready to take on the Number Box Math Brain Game again??   Come on, the number box awaits!

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