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Weird Illusions Video
Today we feature some weird illusions in a video that showcases 10 different amazing optical illusions in just 2 minutes.  Actually, we have a couple of weird illusion videos for your mind blowing enjoyment!   Some of the weird illusions in the video above include the "crooked squares illusion," the "freaky faces illusion," and the "strange satellite illusion," Below, we have a cool fire illusion [...]
Cool Brain Illusion Videos
Today we have some more cool brain illusion videos for you.  These videos play with your brain's ability to perceive and how it can interpret things in an "unreal" way! The first video is called "Crazy Nuts."  See if it doesn't drive you crazy...   The next of the brain illusion videos is called "Strange Gravity."  See the lengths that this guy went to to achieve this effect!   [...]
Amazing Optical Illusions
Have you watched the new series on National Geographic yet called "Brain Games?"  If not I encourage you to do so.  It's all about how the brain interprets various things and how what we think we see or feel or experience sometimes is not what is actually occurring.   The Brain Games show features some amazing optical illusions.   But, you don't have to watch the show to see some of these brain [...]
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