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Math Brain Game – Hexa Math
This math brain game is called HexaMath.   Wait for the advertisement to play then press the "play game" button in the lower right corner of the game board. This quick math brain game (typical game lasts 45 seconds) is great for giving your brain a quick test to sharpen it.   Hope you enjoyed this quick math brain game called Hexamath. For more brain games just click the link [...]
Mind Test
Test your math skills with this math mind test.   In this math mind test called Rapidmath your objective is to solve as many math problems as you can within 10 seconds.   You receive a time bonus for each correct answer.  If you get 10 in a row correct the countdown will then restart. An ad will run to start the game but just wait til the box in the lower right corner fills and then press that [...]
Math Brain Game – Math Genie
Here is an addicting math brain game called "maths genie."  You are given math problems one after the other.  Get the problem correct and you get more time added, miss it and time is subtracted from the total amount of time you have to solve these math problems. Enjoy and Good Luck!   Hope you enjoyed this math brain game!   Remember, the more you play the sharper you get!
The Number Box – A Math Brain Game
Hey, want to hone your brain power, boost your memory and quite possibly get frustrated at the same time?  Lol, play the number box math brain game! Hi folks, I created the Number Box math brain game videos to help kickstart your brain power.  What I didn't realize is that I might have made it a tad too difficult to get through this math brain game without pausing the video at some point (or several [...]
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