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Memory Affirmations Video
Give your mind and memory a boost with this memory affirmations video.   This video designed to develop your memory is filled with positive power affirmations that will help you concentrate and focus on remembering names, faces, people, places, things and all sorts of information. The memory affirmations in this brain power video include the ones below: You have a photographic memory. You have [...]
Hypnosis for Memory
Want to improve your memory?  Try these hypnosis for memory improvement videos to program your subconscious and conscious mind to be more observant and have a better memory.   Now, the video above is by Jake Rhodes, who sound a lot like the hypnotic voice behind the Hypnobusters Deep Relaxation hypnosis video we featured at Wealthvibes awhile back. The hypnosis for memory video we feature below [...]
Memory Game
This memory game called Memory Tap allows you to test your memory by trying to duplicate the pattern put out by the game.  It starts slow by giving you just one color to repeat, but increases by one everytime.  See how high you can go. One tip to improve your memory with this memory game is to use the first letter of the color chosen instead of trying to remember the full name of the color. When [...]
10 Memory Secrets
Looking for some memory secrets?   The brain power video featured in this post gives you 10 memory secrets that you can use to start boosting your ability to remember people, places and things.   Not only that but it comes with Mozart Effect music as the background music.  Double bang for your buck! Memory secrets included in this brain power video include the following: 1.  Drink alcohol [...]
Game to Improve Brain Memory
Here is a game to improve brain memory.  It is called masterpieces and involves remembering the order of pictures.  Play it often to sharpen your brain power.
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