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Free Brain Entrainment Video with Nature Scenes
Okay, I almost didn't post this free brain entrainment video because the sound didn't come out exactly like I wanted it to.  You'll definitely want to use headphones for the sound.  Not because of the brainwave entrainment - the isochronic tones included here don't require it - but rather because it is easier to hear the background music. This free brain entrainment video comes with isochronic [...]
Relaxation Video with Bermuda Beaches and Free Brain Entrainment
This relaxation video has Bermuda beaches with the sound of ocean waves, an ambient music background and free brain entrainment in the form of Isochronic theta waves.  In addition, there is an underlying layer of subliminal affirmations designed to help you achieve deep relaxation - just in case the soothing Bermuda beaches and ocean sounds don't do the trick! The subliminal affirmations contained [...]
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