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10 More Brain Teaser Riddles
Test your brain power with 10 more brain teaser riddles!    You'll find the answers to each of these brain teaser riddles hidden underneath each riddle.  Just hit the show answer button when you are ready to see if you guessed the correct answer to each of these brain teaser riddles. Brain Teaser 1 Here on Earth it's always true that a day follows a day. But there is a place where yesterday [...]
Mind Teaser – Can You Guess the Word?
Can you guess the right word in this mind teaser? The way this game works is that you try and guess the word despite there being some letters missing.   The bigger your vocabulary the better your chances of winning this mind teaser.   Which brings up the point that the more you read the better your vocabulary will get - if you look up the words you don't know!   So, read more and expand your [...]
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