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A Child’s Brain Compared to the Internet
I came across an interesting video that compares the growth of the child's brain to the growth of the internet.  Not as farfetched as it may initially seem! The brain power video is called Brain Power:  From Neurons to Networks and was directed by Tiffany Shlain and her team at the Moxie Institute.   The film was made from a new crowd-sourcing technique called Cloud Filmmaking.   Essentially [...]
20 Free Mind Power Gifts
The folks from mind power mp3 have a new limited time offer in which they are giving away for FREE 20 different meditation, music and mind power gifts.  Get em now while they are still available.  Wait til you see what they are giving away for FREE - truly remarkable offer! 20 FREE Gifts - Mind Power, Meditation, and Music!     Be sure to get all of your free mind power gifts [...]
Mind Voyage
This Mind Voyage video features brainwave entrainment frequencies known as isochronic tones as well as powerful affirmations to boost your mind power and take you on a wonderful mind voyage or journey. This mind voyage video contains power affirmations geared toward expanding your mind by meditating more regularly as well as flowing with wisdom, light and love.   Affirmations include the ones below: You [...]
Futuristic Brain Power Machines Now Available!
Okay, maybe they only seem futuristic to me, but these semi-new handheld devices are perfect tools to give your brain a boost.  So, in that respect they certainly are "brain power machines."  What are these futuristic brain power machines? These brain power machines are the new handheld ereaders, like the Amazon Kindle or the Nook from Barnes and Noble.  You can now load one simple handheld device [...]
Brain Teaser Videos
I've created a few brain teaser videos for your brain boosting enjoyment.   These videos will give you a couple of mind teasers with a little time to figure them out and a countdown to get the correct answer.  You can get the answer to the last brain teaser on each of these brain teaser videos by visiting one of our pages with 10 brain teasers.  I'll give you the link to the brain teasers page after [...]
Can Your Brain Slow Down Time?
This brain power video asks the question, "Can your brain slow down time?" We are probably all familiar with the sensation of time slowing or speeding up based on what is happening in our lives.  For instance, if you are bored at work it might seem like it takes forever for the day to end.  Likewise, if you have an event or situation you are not looking forward to those seem to come up quickly. Another [...]
Word Games to Enhance Brain Power
Below we have two different word games to enhance brain power.  These word games will get you thinking! In the first word game you must guess what the word is despite it having several letters missing. The second game is a word puzzle in which you must guess the word contained in the square.  It is called square words.   Both brain games enhance brain power so feel free to play them often.   The [...]
Brain Power Tips Video
Improve your brain power by following the suggestions found in the brain power tips video above.  This brain power tips video provides 7 tips you can start implementing right now to give your brain a boost! Among the brain power tips you'll discover in the video are these gems: Eat dark chocolate.   Yes, you can eat chocolate and give your brain a boost!    The theory is that the large amount [...]
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