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Holiday Brain Game – Wordy Winter
This holiday brain game is called Wordy Winter.  It features good old Santa and his reindeer throwing presents into a chimney. The object of this holiday brain game is to guess whether the word presented is a noun, verb or adjective.    Each part of the sentence structure is represented by a different colored present.  You use the arrows to choose the present that corresponds to the right part [...]
The Number Box – A Math Brain Game
Hey, want to hone your brain power, boost your memory and quite possibly get frustrated at the same time?  Lol, play the number box math brain game! Hi folks, I created the Number Box math brain game videos to help kickstart your brain power.  What I didn't realize is that I might have made it a tad too difficult to get through this math brain game without pausing the video at some point (or several [...]
Find the Differences Game – Vanilla Dreams
This find the differences game is called Vanilla Dreams.  This brain game is not only good brain training but contains some very beautiful artwork and relaxing music as well.  So, get yourself culturized, brainified and destressed  all at the same time with this find the differences game! Essentially, in this missing items brain game your goal is to find the five differences in each set of pictures. [...]
Halloween Brain Game
Looking for a Halloween brain game?   Look no further than "Where's My Pumpkin!" In this Halloween brain game you attempt to find matching pumpkins as quickly as you can.  They are hiding under black witch hats.  The more matching pumpkins or jack o lanterns the  higher your score.   Each round is three minutes.  This brain game is one of the best memory games you can do.  But, it also has [...]
Mind Teaser – Can You Guess the Word?
Can you guess the right word in this mind teaser? The way this game works is that you try and guess the word despite there being some letters missing.   The bigger your vocabulary the better your chances of winning this mind teaser.   Which brings up the point that the more you read the better your vocabulary will get - if you look up the words you don't know!   So, read more and expand your [...]
Free Brain Game – Anagramania
This free brain game is called Anagramania.   In this brain game you are required to figure out anagrams. What are anagrams?  An anagram is simply a word, phrase, or name formed by rearranging the letters of another. Here are some interesting anagrams I've come across: Dormitory = Dirty Room Desperation = A Rope End's It The Morse Code = Here Come Dots Slot Machines = Cash Lost in [...]
Free Brain Exercise – Are You a Mastermind?
This free brain exercise asks the question, "Are You a Mastermind?" Well, are you? This brain exercise is a memory game in which you try to memorize the images you see and remember them. When you are ready hit the continue button and a new screen will pop up with the images jumbled and one new one added. Your task in this free brain exercise is to guess the new image.   The more you play the higher [...]
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