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Word Rage Word Scramble Brain Game
Okay, this word scramble brain game is addictive.  I went looking for a good brain game to feature here today and almost didn't post this because I couldn't stop playing! Anyway, this word scramble brain game is called Word Rage.  The object of the game is to make words out of the scrambled word they give you.  The more words you make the more points you make.  There is also a rage word which [...]
World Geography Quiz
Play this World Geography Quiz often to not only sharpen your mind but also improve your knowledge of world geography.   Learn the capitals of countries and more! To play just move your mouse to select the correct option.  Prior to playing wait for the ad to play then click the play game button in the lower right corner. Read the questions carefully in this world geography quiz and then click [...]
Pair Match Brain Game
In this brain game you do a pair match in this case the pair of items are different memes.  What is a meme?  A meme in regards to the internet is something, like a picture or a video that gains popularity and is spread through social networks and other viral memes. For instance, in the recent Olympics, McKayla Maroney, a U.S. gymnast, was photographed on the podium with a pouting face because [...]
Number Sequence Game
Play this number sequence game to help sharpen your brain.  This math brain game seems to be on the easy side but good to give your mind a quick boost.    The object is to solve as many number sequences as you can in under a minute.    To clear a wrong answer hit the space bar.   After the minute is up the game will show your score.   Then try to beat your score by playing again.  To play this [...]
Brain Booster Game
This brain booster game called surpisingly enough "brain booster" tests your agility and concentration.   You simply use the left and right arrow keys on your computer to try and keep the ball balanced.  It is harder than it looks.  I mean it looks easy and a bit ridiculous but see how long you can go for! Wait for the advertisement to play as the game loads then hit the play game button in the [...]
Math Brain Game – Hexa Math
This math brain game is called HexaMath.   Wait for the advertisement to play then press the "play game" button in the lower right corner of the game board. This quick math brain game (typical game lasts 45 seconds) is great for giving your brain a quick test to sharpen it.   Hope you enjoyed this quick math brain game called Hexamath. For more brain games just click the link [...]
Mind Test
Test your math skills with this math mind test.   In this math mind test called Rapidmath your objective is to solve as many math problems as you can within 10 seconds.   You receive a time bonus for each correct answer.  If you get 10 in a row correct the countdown will then restart. An ad will run to start the game but just wait til the box in the lower right corner fills and then press that [...]
Valentine’s Day Brain Game – Find the Differences
This Valentine's Day brain game is one in which you find the differences between the two pictures.  This Valentine's Day brain game is called Love Heart. The first thing you want to do is wait for the advertisement to run its course and then hit the "play game" button in the lower right corner of the game box.   Next hit the "new game" button and away you go.   Then when you start the game you [...]
Find That Band Word Game
Can you find that band in this word game?  The faster you are the higher your score in this word game in which you find the name of the band listed on the right in the word puzzle on the left.    You simply press on a letter and drag to highlight the word you're looking for in this find that band word game. The faster you are the higher your score so try to find all the band names as quickly [...]
Word Search Game for Your Brain
Today's post features a word search game for your brain called Wordsnake. This is a fun brain game that has you finding the most words you can in the shortest amount of time.  You have a certain amount of time to find as many words you can in the grid.   As you find the words in this word search game you level up as you beat the clock. Simple instructions for this word search game are as follows: You [...]
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