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New Brainwave Music Meditation Videos
I've just added two new brainwave music meditation videos for your watching pleasure!   The first brainwave music meditation above has binaural beats with a catchy music background and some trippy bluesy (as in color) video clips.  Give your mind a relaxing brain meditation with this brain music video. Our second brainwave music meditation video below features isochronic theta waves, nature sounds [...]
The Shumann Resonance – the Earth’s Heartbeat?
Is the Shumann Resonance the earth's heartbeat?   Some have laebelled it so. The Shumann Resonance is a sound tone measured at 7.8 hz.  The Shuman Resonances are global electromagnetic resonances. Claims have been made that listening to this frequency may be beneficial to one's health.  One reported study claimed that blood pressure was lowered when listening to this frequency. The Shumann [...]
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