Sudoku Trick


Sudoku trickToday’s post features a quick download and read that gives you a neat Sudoku trick that was recently performed by Derren Brown the famous mentalist.  It comes from the creators of the Killer Mentalism program that allows you to learn a variety of other similar tricks.

Now this isn’t going to give you a Sudoku trick that you can use to solve Sudoku puzzles but rather a Sudoku trick that you can amaze others with.

To download the Sudoku trick ebook just right click on the link here or the download button in the upper right corner here and save it to your computer.  Just click it to open up and voila you have a great little magic trick you can use to show off your super “brain power!”

For more great magic and mentalism tricks check out what some consider to be the number 1 Mentalism Course.

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