Study Reveals Best Diet for the Brain

best diet for the brainA recent Oregon study reveals what could be the best diet for the brain.   What were the foods to eat and not to eat for brain and mental health?


The Oregon study singled out trans fat as the item you should avoid to prevent brain shrinkage and loss of mental sharpness.  What items contain a lot of trans fat?   Well, if you are a french fry fan like myself those hot salty delicacies of delight should unfortunately (or fortunately for your brain)  be avoided at all cost.

Also stay away from many of the margarines and butter type spreads you find.  Canned soups were a surprising find on this list.  Not so surprising was the list of deep fried foods, a number of which you’ll find at many fast food restaurants.   If you’ve seen the movie, Super Size Me, about one man’s nearly fatal experiment with eating 3 fast food meals a day, this advice should come as no surprise!

Other foods that are high in trans fat and not the best diet for the brain include baked goods like doughnuts, cookies and cakes.   You’ll also find that many store bought frozen foods are high in trans fat.

Now, I’ve been a vegetarian for years so allow myself some guilty pleasures.  Unfortunately, another of those made the list here, that being “the chip.”   I’m a tortilla chip fan – maybe not quite as bad as potato chips at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself, but a chip is a chip.   I do usually augment the tortilla chips with a healthy dose of salsa so that should count for something.  Anyway, if you are a chip eater as well you might want to give some of those baked chips a try – I did – once.


This same Oregon study noted that those in the study who had diets that were higher in vitamins B, C, D, and E, scored better on the mental tests than those with lower levels of these vitamins.

Foods high in vitamin B include seafoods, meats, cheeses and eggs.   Things like calf liver, sardines, salmon, lamb, shrimp, venison and scallops are high in vitamin B-12.  Yogurt is a healthy food high in vitamin B.   You’ll want to watch the fat content of the particular types foods high vitamin B that you choose however.

You probably already know many foods high in vitamin C, like fruits,  but do you eat enough of them every day?  Fruits loaded with vitamin C include strawberries, cherries, papayas, kiwis, and citrus.   But did you know that broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes and dark leafy green vegetables are also high in vitamin C?    You’ve been told that eating your fruits and vegetables is good for you and now it seems that it is good for your brain as well.

As far as vitamin D goes you’ll find a good amount in fish and breakfast cereals as well as beans and milk.

And, to get more vitamin E start eating more nuts and seeds.   Almonds, sunflower seeds, peanuts and pine nuts all have a great amount of E.   You can also find vitamin E in spinach, turnip greens, papaya, asparagus and bell peppers.

While this recent Oregon study is not definitive it can be used as a guide in creating your own best diet for the brain.  Try to eliminate the trans fats and add more of the healthy foods loaded with the vitamins that seem to be good for the brain.  Do that and I’ll try to cut back on the tortilla chips…

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  1. Pam says:

    Why is always the addicting good tasting food, bad for you. This is soo hard !! I love fries with burgers and tortilla chips!!

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