Stimulate Your Brain with Classical Music and Art

classical music and artI came across a great video that blended some of the world’s greatest classical music with greatest works of art.  Now, this was actually created to stimulate the minds of children so the images and music fade in and out a little too quickly for my taste.  I would have preferred longer spans of both the classical music and the artwork.  But, all in all it is still some great brain stimulation for anyone of any age!

There has long been a debate as to just what exactly is the benefit to the brain of listening to classical music, i.e. the mozart effect, etc…  Studies seem to show short term learning benefits from using classical music to study.  What is sure, is that listening to classical music is often soothing to the soul.  Add that to the fact that your brain gets to learn various classical pieces of music along with a variety of classical works of art and it would seem that using this video as a tool for the brain is a “no brainer.”    Couldn’t resist….

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