Relaxation Video with Bermuda Beaches and Free Brain Entrainment

free brain entrainment bermuda beachesThis relaxation video has Bermuda beaches with the sound of ocean waves, an ambient music background and free brain entrainment in the form of Isochronic theta waves. ┬áIn addition, there is an underlying layer of subliminal affirmations designed to help you achieve deep relaxation – just in case the soothing Bermuda beaches and ocean sounds don’t do the trick!

The subliminal affirmations contained in this free brain entrainment video include the following:

You are always relaxed.
You are cool and collected in any situation.
You are tranquil and relaxed.
You are tranquil.
You take time to meditate everyday.
You are relaxed.
You are at peace.
You are tranquil and relaxed and peace.
You are calm and cool.
Nothing bothers you.
You are always relaxed and at ease in any circumstances.
You are always relaxed and at ease.
Others are relaxed and calm when in your presence.
You put others at ease
You are at ease.
You are totally relaxed and calm.
You are at peace.
You always radiate an aura of powerful peace.
You are happy and relaxed.

Take a Bermuda vacation whenever you want with this free brain entrainment video.


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