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brain improving gamesWelcome to Brains n Games!   Here you’ll find a variety of brain improving games, brain teaser and brain twister videos, as well as some unique mind power videos.   You’ll also have access to interesting brain power articles and information and we’ll review the latest in brain training software and games.

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Be a Winner Quotes
This new Be a Winner Quotes video trains your brain to be a winner.   It comes with two different levels of winning affirmations and quotations.  There is a surface layer and then a semi-subliminal layer of winner quotes.   The winning quotes that we used (usually shortened to form "winning" affirmations) come from John Madden, Zig Ziglar, David Ortiz, Paul Bryant, and Barbara Corcoran among others [...]
Keith Barry Brain Magic
Is it really brain magic or simply the wizardry of a magician named Keith Barry?  Keith Barry details some of his "brain magic" in this very popular TED talk.  See if you can figure out how mentalist Keith Barry does his magic. A couple of the tricks I've managed to decipher but some I've not yet managed to grasp.  If you know how some of them are done just let us know in the comments section [...]
The Success Pill – Fact or Fantasy?
In the movie Limitless the main character takes a smart pill or smart drug that can also be called a success pill because of the effects it has on the people that take it.  Watch the trailer for the movie Limitless above to see how it changed the life of one man. Like the mythical pill in the movie, there is now a pill called Provigil that some are touting as a real-life success pill.  Call it [...]
Be More Assertive Video
Want to be more assertive?  Now you can with our powerful Be More Assertive Affirmations video.  Filled with positive affirmations to help let you know that your opinion matters you'll get a quick confidence boost and be more prone to speaking up and standing up for yourself in any situation. The affirmations in the Be More Assertive video include the ones below: You are a force of one. You [...]
Anamorphic Illusions Video
Here is a neat anamorphic illusions video.  Watch and be amazed by the interesting illusions. What is the definition of "anamorphic?"  Anamorphic is the process of creating different optical imaging effects along mutually perpendicular radii.  If that is "clear as mud" simply watch the video. If you enjoy brain illusions check out our brain illusions category.  It includes Weird Illusions, [...]
Make No Excuses Video
This Make No Excuses video trains your brain to quit making excuses and instead focus on getting more results in your life.  One of the best things you can do to change your frame of mind for the better is to take responsibility for the things that happen in your life - including the ones that happen "to" you.  Once you take total responsibility you will change your focus from making excuses why [...]
Build Self Confidence Affirmations Video
Want to build more self confidence?  Try our Build Self Confidence video filled with affirmations of power, confidence and self esteem.  The confidence improving video also has many images of winning, confidence, power and self esteem. Affirmations of confidence included in the Build Self Confidence video include those below: You are a powerful person. You flow with confidence. You are confident [...]
Subliminal Power Software Turns Wasted Time into Mind Time
Are you ready to turn your time surfing the internet into productive mind time?  Now you can with this Subliminal Power software. How much time do you spend in front of your desktop or laptop PC every day? 1 hour?  3 hours? 5 hours? 7 hours or more? Whether you use your computer for work, college, or just for fun... unless you have this SECRET LITTLE APP installed, much of the time [...]
Millionaire Reveals Secrets to Personal Power
ATTENTION:  Millionaire Reveals Secrets to Personal Power Grab your free copy of millionaire Adam Khoo's Secrets to Personal Power right here.  It is a PDF ebook and available for free download right now - no need to sign up for anything! In this ebook, Khoo, the millionaire reveals secrets to attaining personal power.  It is a quick read at only 20 pages but within Khoo reveals some powerful [...]
New Brainwave Music Meditation Videos
I've just added two new brainwave music meditation videos for your watching pleasure!   The first brainwave music meditation above has binaural beats with a catchy music background and some trippy bluesy (as in color) video clips.  Give your mind a relaxing brain meditation with this brain music video. Our second brainwave music meditation video below features isochronic theta waves, nature sounds [...]
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