New Brainwave Music Meditation Videos

brainwave musicI’ve just added two new brainwave music meditation videos for your watching pleasure!   The first brainwave music meditation above has binaural beats with a catchy music background and some trippy bluesy (as in color) video clips.  Give your mind a relaxing brain meditation with this brain music video.

Our second brainwave music meditation video below features isochronic theta waves, nature sounds and some very beautiful clips of beaches, islands and swaying palms in Bora Bora!

Brain entrainment frequencies like those included in the two brainwave music videos on this page are said to help your brain align with the particular frequency utilized thereby inducing positive effects that may include improved energy, better sleep and relaxation, increased concentration, increased learning capacity, the ability to reach and recognize altered states of consciousness and more.   Try out a variety of different brainwave music videos or audios to see what affect if any these brainwave frequencies can have in your life.


Hope you enjoyed today’s new brainwave music videos.   If you are looking for a Brain Enhancement and Memory Improvement Course try this one from master hypnotist Steve G. Jones.

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  1. roger hennrie says:

    beautiful music scene and soft gentle beats

  2. i think i have become addicted to the borabora brain wave

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