Mind Teaser – Can You Guess the Word?

mind teaserCan you guess the right word in this mind teaser?

The way this game works is that you try and guess the word despite there being some letters missing.   The bigger your vocabulary the better your chances of winning this mind teaser.   Which brings up the point that the more you read the better your vocabulary will get – if you look up the words you don’t know!   So, read more and expand your vocabulary to help keep your mind sharp!

Having played the game below a number of times it seems to give you a right answer if you get a real word even if it is not the one the game was thinking of!   For instance I was just told congratulations that my word “trout” was correct when the word I guessed was “troll” upon seeing this t r o _ _ .

Good luck with this missing letters mind teaser!

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