Math Magician Demonstrates Genius Ability

genius abilityWatch math magician Arthur Benjamin demonstrate his genius ability in this brain power video.   Benjamin was presenting at the TED talks, where leading thinkers give an inspiring 18 minute talk.  This video definitely showcases Benjamin’s genius ability.  He likes to refer to himself as a Mathamagician and it’s no idle boast.  Prepare to be amazed by his mathematical prowess!

Benjamin starts by asking the audience members who have calculators to get them out and then he begins.   He then calls for audience members to give him a variety of numbers as he sets out by squaring numbers and adding them in his head.  Benjamin then shows more of his genius ability and amazing memory powers as he begins asking for bigger numbers and more of them.

Even if may use some tricks of memorization or ways to easily memorize or do certain problems his genius abilities are apparent especially when he starts telling people the days they were born based on the date!

Do you have genius ability of your own?  Maybe not to the extent that this mind magician does in the field of math, but not many do.  What it does do is inspire one to realize the true potential that we as humans possess.

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