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matcha for healthMatcha for health?   What does that mean lol?   Matcha is actually a concentrated green tea powder used in Japanese Tea Ceremonies.   The video above shows a typical green tea matcha preparation for a tea ceremony.

Matcha powder is loaded with antioxidants and is reputedly better for you than even regular green tea which is supposed to be great for your health and loaded with catechins and antioxidants.

You can mix the green tea matcha powder in smoothies and shakes to give yourself a healthy brain and body boost.  I first came across a matcha-like green tea powder at Starbucks years ago when I started drinking Green Tea lattes with soymilk.  The first couple I had were too sweet for my taste and I soon found out that they added melon syrup to the latte!   So, I then started ordering them “unsweetened” and that helped.  However, I still have concerns about the sugar content of the matcha powder they use in that drink.   I scouted the forums and I believe the brand they use is a matcha powder from the Tazo company.   I’ve read conflicting posts about whether sugar is added to their mix and so am not sure.  It stills tastes too sweet for me, but that may be the soymilk they use.

There have been many studies exploring the health benefits of green tea.  From fighting cancer and heart disease to helping lower cholesterol and staving off dementia, green tea has been lauded for it’s many health benefits.   Drinking green tea could be a great way to improve your health.   I usually brew a pitcher of green tea and put it in the refrigerator to drink chilled.  I also brew the green tea hot and usually add a little almond, rice, or soy milk to the cup.   As a side note, if you are drinking it hot, based on a recent scientific study, I wouldn’t add any regular milk to the mix as the casein in the milk is said to eliminate the health properties of the tea.

With matcha I like to make shakes and use a base of iced green tea and almond milk and then add other healthy things like almonds, frozen blueberries and other fruits.

There are many brands of matcha.  Two that I have found with good reputations are Domatcha and SereniTea.

True matcha powder is fairly expensive, so if you are going to use the real thing you may want to gauge how you feel after taking it and see if there is any difference between that and taking regular green tea.  Whatever you decide, adding some form of green tea to your diet could very well give your body and mind a nice boost.   And, if you are making yourself one of those green tea shakes they are pretty darn tasty as well!

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