Laughter and the Brain

laughter and the brainLaughter and the brain.  Have you ever wondered what the effects of laughter are on the brain and on your body in general?  Well, it is a well-accepted fact that laughter is great for your body and brain.

For example, in an article in Psychology Today it was noted that those with a strong sense of humor become less stressed out and anxious compared with those without such a well-developed sense of humor.  It was also discovered that students who used humor had more positive moods.   And, in another study of depressed and suicidal seniors those with a sense of humor were the ones that recovered.

So, you want to do what you can to get and stay laughing.  With the internet there is no shortage of places to go for a quick laugh.

And, one of the best and newest ways to get your laugh quotient in is to join one of the new “laughing clubs.”   These laughing clubs were originally started in India several years back and have now gained a stronghold in the U.S.   Basically you get together with other folks and a facilitator helps run you through a bunch of basic and fun laughing exercises that gets you in a positive happy state of mind.

The video above features comedian John Cleese visiting one of these laughing clubs in India.    In the U.S. there is another organization dedicated to bring out the laughter in you and that is Laughter Yoga of America.

And, to help get your brain and body feeling good I’ve included a couple of humorous videos for your watching pleasure.


Hope today’s Laughter and the Brain post put a smile on your face.  Remember, give yourself the gift of laughter – it’s good for what ails you!

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