Keith Barry Brain Magic

brainmagicIs it really brain magic or simply the wizardry of a magician named Keith Barry?  Keith Barry details some of his “brain magic” in this very popular TED talk.  See if you can figure out how mentalist Keith Barry does his magic.

A couple of the tricks I’ve managed to decipher but some I’ve not yet managed to grasp.  If you know how some of them are done just let us know in the comments section below.   As Keith Barry notes a lot of his magic is misdirection.  For instance, watch the first part of his trick with the couple when he tells the girl to close her eyes.  Notice what he does right after this and how it plays into the trick.  Brain magic or simple misdirection?

The trick where he is blindfolded and driving I’ve seen other magicians perform but am stumped on that one.  If you know how it is done let us know in the comments section below.

Keith Barry is obviously an accomplished magician.  Is it brain magic?  Probably not – but entertaining nonetheless!  Are you looking for Infinite Brain Power?  Check out that link.

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