Is This Word Search Puzzle Difficult?

word search puzzle difficultIs this word search puzzle difficult?   You find the words in this puzzle and let us know how difficult or not you find this word search puzzle to be.   This brain game is called Wordcross.

This word search puzzle contains hidden words that you find by clicking on a letter and then dragging it through the word.  When you find a word that corresponds to one of the hidden words in the list on the right then that word will be highlighted.  This word search puzzle points system is based on speed.  The faster you find the words the higher your score.

When the game first launches an ad will run and then a “play game” button will appear in the lower right corner of the game square.  Click on that.  Then a Donagames screen will load.  Wait til the start button appears at the bottom of this screen then click that start button which will take you to another screen where you just hit the start button again and play!   Whew!

When you’re done playing let us know if you found this word search puzzle difficult or not.

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