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increaseyourcreativity1There are a number of things you can do to increase your creativity.  We have created a video in which we have affirmation which encourage you to do some of those things that can increase your creativity.  For instance, below are a few of the affirmations for creativity that you’ll find in the video:

You become brilliant in the field of your choice.
You are a master of study.
You listen to classical music.
You exercise regularly.
You study a wide range of disciplines.
The more you know the more creative you become.
You do different things.
You are curious about life.
You take a creative approach to life.
You listen and learn from a wide variety of people.
You believe in yourself.
You come up with great ideas.
You study the great ideas of others.
You seek to improve on already great ideas.

As you may notice there are some simple things that you can do to increase your creativity including studying a wide range of disciplines, listening to classical music, taking time to brainstorm, seeking out the ideas of a wide variety of people (either in person or through a wide range of reading material), and taking the ideas of others and creating a new idea from that.

One of the advantages of doing things to increase your creativity is that you can make more money depending on the field you’re in.  If you are an artist or writer, for example, an increased creativity is absolutely essential.   Increasing your ability to be creative can also make you a more interesting  person!  Imagine using your improved skill to better the relationships in your life.

If you are a business owner an increase in your creativity may lead to better marketing and better income.  If you’ve ever studied any of the works of Jay Abraham you’ll see exactly what an increase in your creativity can do.  For instance, Abraham, one of the best marketing consultants in the world, would take the creative marketing ideas from business owners in one field or industry and use them in other industries.  Abraham was able to open the eyes of the business owners and in the process command huge sums of money in the process.

This Increase Your Creativity video has two layers of affirmations for creativity.  The first layer had affirmations including those above.  The second layer is semi-subliminal and contains the affirmations listed below:

New ideas come to you easily.
New ideas flow to you constantly.
You are creative.
You are brilliant.
You are an idea machine.
You are confident.
You are positive.
You have infinite creative abilities.
You flow with great ideas.
You can make money with your ideas.
You take time to brainstorm.
You write your ideas down.
You connect different ideas to form new ideas.
You get into an idea flow.
You relax and flow with creativity.
You are an idea machine.
The more you create, the easier it gets.
You are super creative.
You are an idea machine.

Watch the video often to increase your creativity.  Your mind will absorb the suggestions and help you become an idea machine!

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