Hypnosis for Memory

Want to improve your memory?  Try these hypnosis for memory improvement videos to program your subconscious and conscious mind to be more observant and have a better memory.   Now, the video above is by Jake Rhodes, who sound a lot like the hypnotic voice behind the Hypnobusters Deep Relaxation hypnosis video we featured at Wealthvibes awhile back.

The hypnosis for memory video we feature below is by Wendi Freisen.

Both hypnosis for memory videos featured here can be used to help you remember names, faces, places, and things.  Both of these videos use hypnosis to relax you and then after you are placed into that relaxed hypnotic state positive suggestions are implanted into your brain to help you learn how to better use your memory.

In Wendi’s hypnosis for memory video she implants hypnotic suggestions to help you become better at focusing and concentrating and remembering information better.  This video can also be used to help you study for a specific course or subject and she implants suggestions to help you do just that.

Looking for a program to improve your memory?  Check out the memory improvement program below:

hypnosis for memory







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