Humanlike Robots

humanlike robotsThese videos feature some amazing humanlike robots.   As technology advances the advances in robotic engineering should be spectacular.   As you watch these videos featuring the humanlike robots ask yourself if one day they might approach the level of thinking and problem solving of our own brains.   Just watching the video above of one of the humanlike robots known as Philip Dick Android it is not too difficult to imagine.   I mean it appears as if old Philip Dick is intelligently answering questions.  Imagine as computing power increases if they could pipe in data from a source like the internet and couple it with self-learning programs.

As the video above details the Terminator scenario might not be too far fetched if these advanced humanlike robots somehow ultimately attain sentience or something like it.  The androids or robots turning on us might not be a total fantasy if they at some point believe themselves to be “alive” and are being mistreated or simply used – something else not difficult to imagine.   What do you think?

To take all this fantasizing even further imagine if these humanlike robots could be engineered to accept brain transfers from humans or even “soul” transfers or “consciousness” transfers.  Or what if at our core we are souls and hundreds or thousands of years in the future these advanced humanlike robots are used as the vessels of souls upon incarnation?    And, whether or not these humanlike robots were really ever used as vessels how would those of us occupying human bodies know whether these androids ever really did have souls?  Fascinating questions to ponder as we observe the beginnings of what should be spectacular advances in the creation of humanoid robots!

Below is a video featuring a humanlike robot of what appears to be a Japanese girl.   Check it out.


Now I had to include the android humanoid robot video below.  It is only 12 seconds long but a number of funny comments that accompanied it continually compared this particular robot to a hobo so much that I think we can safely dub him the “hobot.”


Hopefully the ever advancing humanlike robots won’t eventually become “terminator-like!”  If you have any opinions concerning robots I would love to hear them.

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