How to Think Clearly – About Nothing

howtothinkclearly1This post features a video about how to think clearly – about nothing.   Ok, the video is actually about the effects that alcohol has on your brain.  However, one of the effects as you’ll see is that alcohol enables you to think clearly.  Unfortunately, the clear thinking comes at a price, is not sustainable and as the video points out is most likely focused on nothing!

As the video shows, alcohol enters your brain and  interacts with your neurons and consequently glutamate and gaba.  Glutamate is responsible for the excitation you feel while gaba is responsible for inhibition, organization, and differentiation.  Alcohol suppresses glutamate transmission and enhances gaba.  The enhanced gaba leads to the fine tuning of your thoughts while blocking out all the background noise – to an excessive degree – which leads to that ability to think clearly – about nothing!

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