How to Get Peace of Mind

how to get peace of mindDo you want to know how to get peace of mind?  One way is to watch our Peace of Mind video.  It is filled with powerful positive affirmations to help ease and relax you.    Our Peace of Mind video also has a relaxing soundtrack and soothing video clips of oceans, beaches and forests.

The affirmations to help soothe your mind in this video include the following:

Peace of mind is yours.
Know that infinite peace is your birthright.
Know that infinite love surrounds you.
Know that you glow with the light of the universe.
Know that you are at peace.
Feel the stillness within.
Feel an aura of love surround you.
Know that your soul is safe.
Know that your soul is immortal.
Know that you are at peace.
Meditate on the oneness of the universe.
You flow with peace.
You have peace of mind.
You are strong and centered.
You are emotionally balanced.
You are spiritually pure.
You flow with the white light of the universe.
You flow with peace.
You are a beacon of light.
All are attracted to you.
All are relaxed in your peaceful presence.
You calm others.
You bring peace to all encounters.
You strive for unity and reconciliation.
Your life flows with peace and harmony.
Your relationships flow with peace and harmony.
You are one with the universe.
You recognize the goodness in others.
You have an immensely peaceful aura of love.
Others are soothed in your presence.
Others are at peace around you.
You are at peace.
You have peace of mind.
Unity, harmony, oneness, and peace. These are yours.
Your mind flows with tranquility and harmony.
You radiate an immense power.
Others are calm in your presence.
You know how to remain calm.
You know how to calm others.
You are one with the universe.
You are at peace.
You have peace of mind.

Want more tips on how to get peace of mind?

In addition to watching this video you can try some of the following:

10 Tips for More Peace of Mind

1.  Meditate on a regular basis.

2.  Work in a career you love.

3.  Add more things that help you relax in your home environment.  For instance, you might get one of those little mini rock waterfalls with the soothing sound of water.  Or you might decide to have a fish tank – they are said to be highly relaxing.  Maybe add some artwork that you find soothing.  Play relaxing music around the house – I like the Soundscapes channel on my cable.

4.  Do something nice for someone else.  This will give you an opportunity to help others which is always good for you and them.  Plus this will help take you out of the often detrimental habit of fixating on your own problems.  In addition it may put your problems in perspective as you start helping others who may be worse off than yourself!

5.   Hang around more positive people and avoid the negative folks.  This can’t help but give you more peace of mind!

6.  Exercise on a regular basis.  This will get those endorphins flowing and help you not only feel better but feel better about yourself!

7.  Free your mind.   Write down your goals and to-dos and then do them.  Don’t make your list overwhelming just make sure to add and complete the “must dos.”  When you have a list of things you need to do it takes away the mental clutter of trying to remember all these things you need to get to and also the possibility that you may forget them.

8.  Practice yoga if you can.  This is great for keeping you fit and spiritually grounded.  The postures combined with the regulated breathing will keep you mentally and physically balanced.

9.  Get your financial house in order.    Debt can be highly stressful.  The more debt you have the less peace of mind you’ll have.  We have two sites dedicated to helping you make more money and get out of debt.

10.  Mix it up.  Do different things, go different places, meet different people, read different books, etc…  The more you mix it up the more you’ll add new and exciting experiences to your life.  This should decrease the depression that sometimes results when we get in a rut.   So mix it up!

Hope you enjoyed this Peace of Mind video and the 10 Tips on Getting More Peace of Mind in your life.


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  1. Chris says:

    Great video, very uplifting. I love the scenery too 🙂

  2. Rhea says:

    Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this online community. You get a lot more than pace of mind from this video, good job. The peace of mind Tips go a long, long way. Thank you again!!!

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