Futuristic Brain Power Machines Now Available!

Brain Power MachineOkay, maybe they only seem futuristic to me, but these semi-new handheld devices are perfect tools to give your brain a boost.  So, in that respect they certainly are “brain power machines.”  What are these futuristic brain power machines?

These brain power machines are the new handheld ereaders, like the Amazon Kindle or the Nook from Barnes and Noble.  You can now load one simple handheld device with an entire library of information!   And, because these devices are portable you can essentially take an entire library with you wherever you go.  Talk about a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips!

I recently purchased a basic edition of the Nook called the Simple Touch from Barnes and Noble and love it.  I will say this, it is easy to get carried away and start ordering more books then necessary off the bat.  However, I have found a number of interesting free books to download as well.  And, there are always specials going.  Just the process itself of looking through all the different book categories has sparked my interest in a number of new and interesting books I might have overlooked or not even thought about if I hadn’t purchased this new “brain power machine!”  Plus, you have access to all the latest cutting edge information in whatever field you are interested in.

Another nice thing about these new ereaders is that their long battery life and portability allow you to take them anywhere and immediately start feeding your brain whenever you have any downtime.  They truly are brain power machines.  Of course, you can feed your brain power machine with entertainment related material as well as educational materials.  The choice is yours and some entertainment now and then is a great thing.  But, the more you fill your brain machine with classics and educational material and the more you use it, the sharper your brain will become.

Above, I’ve included a video review comparing two of the higher end models, the Kindle fire vs. the Nook Tablet.  It’s a very good comparison and will quickly show you a good amount of the amazing stuff you can do with each device.

Below are some links to some ereaders sold at Amazon.  If you don’t have one, it will give you an idea of the different features associated with some of the different ereaders.  Also, Amazon has a nice customer review section so you can see what the purchasers thought of their new brain power machines!

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