Funny Brains – Women’s Brains vs. Men’s Brains

womens brains vs mens brainsI don’t know how much if any actual knowledge of the brain is added by way of this video, but the notion that men and women think differently and access different parts of their brains is not new.

Marriage expert Mark Gungor gives a humorous explanation of the difference in the way men and women use their brains in this funny brain video highlighting women’s brains vs. men’s brains – a tale of two brains!


Women’s Brains vs. Men’s Brains – They Actually Do Think Differently!

According to a recent article in LiveScience men and women do use their brains differently.   The brain is composed of two types of matter, gray and white.   Gray matter is associated with information processing while white matter networks these processing centers.  According to scientists from the University of California and the University of New Mexico, men use more of their gray matter to think while women use more of their brain’s white matter.

The study may explain why the two genders both handle tasks differently.  The study also may help explain why different types of injuries to the head affect the genders differently.

When all is said and done, though, in the enigmatic dimension of women’s brains vs. men’s brains, the ability of one gender to figure out how the other gender thinks may really never be known…

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