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funny brain storyThis is a brain power video featuring Terry Small giving a lecture on the brain and how you can get more out of it.  It is from one of the TED talks in which educators and motivators present on a variety of topics.

In this video Small tells a funny brain story about a first year teacher who set a high bar and pushed her students based on what she thought were some very high IQ’s that the students possessed.

This knowledge of the students supposed high IQ’s was gathered from a file review that this teacher did on the students.  While perusing the files she believed their IQ’s were in the 150 range based on numbers she found in their files.  At the end of the semester she approached the principal because she hadn’t received any feedback on her performance.  The principal basically told her that he wanted to keep her because her students performed so well and at such a high level.  She said it wasn’t really her doing that the students started out “smart.”  The principal asked her what she based that opinion on.  The teacher said it was based on the files she had read prior to class starting.  The principle smiled then told her that what she had read weren’t IQ scores, but rather locker numbers!    A funny brain story indeed!

This funny brain story is just one of the anecdotes related by Small in this video.   What it does point out is the expectation both of the observer and the observed.  In this case because the teacher firmly believed that these students had high IQ’s and could perform at a high level so she pushed them to do just that.  Conversely, the students, while constantly being pushed were also being told that they were above average learners and in fact were treated like geniuses from an authority figure who firmly believed that they were and transferred this belief to them!

What then can we do with this knowledge in our own lives?   Is there someone whom you can push to higher levels by letting them know how great they are?   And, can you improve your own life, now knowing that the difference in your own performance might just reside in how you look at or perceive your own abilities?   Why not try letting others know how great you think they are?  And, while you’re at it why not let yourself know how great you are?

In conclusion this funny brain story told by Small might just help you realize your genius level potential and just how Big you really are!

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