Free Brain Entrainment Video with Nature Scenes

free brainwave entrainment video with autumn nature scenesOkay, I almost didn’t post this free brain entrainment video because the sound didn’t come out exactly like I wanted it to.  You’ll definitely want to use headphones for the sound.  Not because of the brainwave entrainment – the isochronic tones included here don’t require it – but rather because it is easier to hear the background music.

This free brain entrainment video comes with isochronic tones in the alpha range as well as autumn nature scenes.   Now, the background music consists of a wonderful relaxing track with added wind.   It was all well and good til I added the isochronic pulses which seemed to obscure much of the melodic dips and valleys of the music.   Unfortunately I didn’t notice it until after I had uploaded the video to youtube!   Anyway, the sound is okay but I think I’ll create another video with this same track and let the harmonies shine through on that one!

Having said all that, this free brain entrainment video is still quite effective at putting you in a soothing relaxed state of mind.   As I’m posting this much of the U.S. is suffering through a heat wave so if you’re ready for fall give this relaxing free brainwave entrainment video a go.  Don’t you feel cooler already?


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  1. roger hennrie says:

    not as good as the borabora clip

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