Driverless Cars and Thought Powered Cars

driverless carsScientists are working on programs to use the power of our thoughts to actually drive automobiles.   The video above features the latest in technology in which our thoughts are used to direct a vehicle.  However, while the technology is seemingly in its infancy, the real car of the future may not require our thoughts at all.   In fact, the Google has developed driverless cars that have already logged over 140,000 miles on the street.

Check out one of the driverless cars in the video below.   The technology behind these driverless cars is truly amazing.   I remember reading an article in Wired not too long ago about driverless cars and specifically how the Google cars were already putting in  thousands of miles out on the roadways of California.


In the not too distant future it’s not difficult to imagine a blending of technology with the driverless cars and those powered by human thought.  Maybe you’ll just talk or even think your destination and the driverless car will do the rest!

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