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Driverless Cars and Thought Powered Cars
Scientists are working on programs to use the power of our thoughts to actually drive automobiles.   The video above features the latest in technology in which our thoughts are used to direct a vehicle.  However, while the technology is seemingly in its infancy, the real car of the future may not require our thoughts at all.   In fact, the Google has developed driverless cars that have already logged [...]
Real Cyborgs Among Us
Are there real cyborgs among us?  When you see these featured cyborg men and their cyborg devices you will be a believer in the coming of the cyborgs.  Not only are the cyborgs coming but they are already among us! We recently featured a post on the latest greatest humanlike robots.  Those were interesting and scary.  In that case tech starts with a totally computerized being and try to work [...]
Humanlike Robots
These videos feature some amazing humanlike robots.   As technology advances the advances in robotic engineering should be spectacular.   As you watch these videos featuring the humanlike robots ask yourself if one day they might approach the level of thinking and problem solving of our own brains.   Just watching the video above of one of the humanlike robots known as Philip Dick Android it is [...]
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