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Learn from the Memory Champ
Watch the memory champ show his stuff on this tv show anchored by Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez. Ron White won the 2009 and 2010 USA memory championship.  How long does it take for him to memorize a deck of shuffled cards?  Would you believe 1 minute 27 seconds? In this video memory champ White memorizes a bunch of numbers and a full deck of cards. White, who also announced a run for [...]
This is Your Brain on the Internet
This is your brain.  This is your brain on the internet.    You probably remember the old saying "this is your brain" and "this is your brain on drugs" with a video of eggs frying.   So, will the internet fry your brain just as drugs  supposedly do?   Well, as you'll see in this featured video there are some addicting aspects to the internet (if you haven't already experienced them yourself), [...]
Memory Game
This memory game called Memory Tap allows you to test your memory by trying to duplicate the pattern put out by the game.  It starts slow by giving you just one color to repeat, but increases by one everytime.  See how high you can go. One tip to improve your memory with this memory game is to use the first letter of the color chosen instead of trying to remember the full name of the color. When [...]
Mind Science Video
The original mind science video we featured on this page was removed by the user but we've replaced it with a mind science video featuring Dan Rather talking about the new science of neuro plasticity among other things.  Rather examines the connection between the brain and the mind and works with the Dalai Lama and some Tibetan monks. This particular mind science video is the first of six parts. [...]
Math Magician Demonstrates Genius Ability
Watch math magician Arthur Benjamin demonstrate his genius ability in this brain power video.   Benjamin was presenting at the TED talks, where leading thinkers give an inspiring 18 minute talk.  This video definitely showcases Benjamin's genius ability.  He likes to refer to himself as a Mathamagician and it's no idle boast.  Prepare to be amazed by his mathematical prowess! Benjamin starts [...]
Free NLP Ebook
Today we have a free NLP ebook available for download.   It comes courtesy of the folks from NLP Success Today. NLP for those of you who don't know is Neuro Linguistic Programming.  NLP is a study geared toward using the brain and language to help accomplish goals in your life. To download your free nlp ebook just right click on the "download now" button in the upper right corner here.  Or [...]
10 Memory Secrets
Looking for some memory secrets?   The brain power video featured in this post gives you 10 memory secrets that you can use to start boosting your ability to remember people, places and things.   Not only that but it comes with Mozart Effect music as the background music.  Double bang for your buck! Memory secrets included in this brain power video include the following: 1.  Drink alcohol [...]
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