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4 Secrets to Help You Live to 100
Can you live to 100 years of age?   There are no guarantees but there are certain areas where living to 100 is not uncommon.  In the video above the researcher, Dan Buettner, author of the Blue Zones,  notes the attributes shared by those old timers living in these "blue zones." Now, while those in these Blue Zone areas known for their longevity share certain traits there are other traits that [...]
How to Think Clearly – About Nothing
This post features a video about how to think clearly - about nothing.   Ok, the video is actually about the effects that alcohol has on your brain.  However, one of the effects as you'll see is that alcohol enables you to think clearly.  Unfortunately, the clear thinking comes at a price, is not sustainable and as the video points out is most likely focused on nothing! As the video shows, alcohol [...]
New Brain Power Software Just Launched
An amazing new brain power software has just launched.  It is the all new and improved Subliminal Power 2 software.   This is the ultimate mind power software to program your brain to attract whatever you desire in your life. Use coupon code DJ8374SNBDS at checkout, and watch the price drop by $30... get the special while it is still available. Here's the code again: DJ8374SNBDS Successful [...]
The Success Pill – Fact or Fantasy?
In the movie Limitless the main character takes a smart pill or smart drug that can also be called a success pill because of the effects it has on the people that take it.  Watch the trailer for the movie Limitless above to see how it changed the life of one man. Like the mythical pill in the movie, there is now a pill called Provigil that some are touting as a real-life success pill.  Call it [...]
25 Free Fun Brain Games
Here are 25 free fun brain games that you can play right now to help sharpen your brain!   The fun brain games found here vary from math brain games to word search games to puzzles to hangman games and more. Find some favorite fun brain games and play them often for fun and to keep your brain operating at a high level! Here then are 25 Free Fun Brain Games in no particular order! 1.  Play [...]
Brain Audio Ebook
At our Tradebit store we have the Brain Gain brain audio ebook on sale.   The brain audio ebook comes in both mp3 format if you want to listen to it or pdf if you prefer to read it.   The Brain Gain ebook was designed to tell you about the brain and give you tips to enhance your brain power.  This particular brain power product also comes with private label and master resell rights which allows [...]
Memory Tricks
In this Memory Tricks video you'll learn some real life memory tricks from a former U.S. Memory Champ named Joshus Foer.  Foer was actually a science journalist who was curious to know if he could do what these memory champs could do after observing them in action one year. What Foer said he was surprised about was that these memory champs all proclaimed to have no extraordinary abilities but rather [...]
Mind Power Hypnosis System on Sale Now
The complete mind power hypnosis system is on sale now.   For less than the price of a Starbucks you can grab 9 different self-improvement mind power hypnosis audios that average about 15 minutes in length each.  In addition you'll get the 33 page Make Your Dreams Come True ebook as well. Here is a brief look at what you'll get in the mind power hypnosis system: Amazing Learning  Play Time: [...]
Memory Affirmations Video
Give your mind and memory a boost with this memory affirmations video.   This video designed to develop your memory is filled with positive power affirmations that will help you concentrate and focus on remembering names, faces, people, places, things and all sorts of information. The memory affirmations in this brain power video include the ones below: You have a photographic memory. You have [...]
Hypnosis for Memory
Want to improve your memory?  Try these hypnosis for memory improvement videos to program your subconscious and conscious mind to be more observant and have a better memory.   Now, the video above is by Jake Rhodes, who sound a lot like the hypnotic voice behind the Hypnobusters Deep Relaxation hypnosis video we featured at Wealthvibes awhile back. The hypnosis for memory video we feature below [...]
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