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New Brainwave Music Meditation Videos
I've just added two new brainwave music meditation videos for your watching pleasure!   The first brainwave music meditation above has binaural beats with a catchy music background and some trippy bluesy (as in color) video clips.  Give your mind a relaxing brain meditation with this brain music video. Our second brainwave music meditation video below features isochronic theta waves, nature sounds [...]
Ultimate Mind Music Video
This Ultimate Mind Music video comes courtesy of the folks from MindPowermp3.   The music in the mind power audios that they offer is clean, crisp and energizing.  Watch and listen to this Ultimate Mind Music video and enjoy the relaxing, powerful sounds of ultimate mind music! To check out the soothing sounds of ultimate mind music mixed with brain power entrainment frequencies and positive affirmations [...]
Free Brain Entrainment Video with Nature Scenes
Okay, I almost didn't post this free brain entrainment video because the sound didn't come out exactly like I wanted it to.  You'll definitely want to use headphones for the sound.  Not because of the brainwave entrainment - the isochronic tones included here don't require it - but rather because it is easier to hear the background music. This free brain entrainment video comes with isochronic [...]
Brain Meditation with Isochronic Tones
Here is a brain meditation video with isochronic tones in the alpha range to put you in a light meditative state.  This brain meditation video comes with a trippy cosmic space music background with spacey video clips ideal for transporting you into another dimension! Because the brainwave frequencies in this brain meditation are isochronic tones you don't need headphones, however  I always think [...]
Relaxation Video with Bermuda Beaches and Free Brain Entrainment
This relaxation video has Bermuda beaches with the sound of ocean waves, an ambient music background and free brain entrainment in the form of Isochronic theta waves.  In addition, there is an underlying layer of subliminal affirmations designed to help you achieve deep relaxation - just in case the soothing Bermuda beaches and ocean sounds don't do the trick! The subliminal affirmations contained [...]
Mind Voyage
This Mind Voyage video features brainwave entrainment frequencies known as isochronic tones as well as powerful affirmations to boost your mind power and take you on a wonderful mind voyage or journey. This mind voyage video contains power affirmations geared toward expanding your mind by meditating more regularly as well as flowing with wisdom, light and love.   Affirmations include the ones below: You [...]
Classical Music for Learning and Contemplation with Brainwave Entrainment
Here is a very soothing video featuring classical music for learning and contemplation along with brainwave entrainment frequencies for easier learning.   This brain power video was designed for "peace" of mind with incorporated brainwave frequencies to help stimulate contemplation and profound thinking as well! This classical music for learning video includes a baroque oboe concerto by Albinoni, [...]
Happiness and Joy Video with Brainwave Entrainment
This Happiness and Joy Video with Brainwave Entrainment comes from the MP3 Mind Power folks.   The brainwave entrainment frequencies are in three different ranges and blended together.  The brainwave entrainment frequency ranges used include one used to generate feelings of elation and euphoria, one for feelings of unity, and one for healing. This Happiness and Joy Video features a really upbeat [...]
The Shumann Resonance – the Earth’s Heartbeat?
Is the Shumann Resonance the earth's heartbeat?   Some have laebelled it so. The Shumann Resonance is a sound tone measured at 7.8 hz.  The Shuman Resonances are global electromagnetic resonances. Claims have been made that listening to this frequency may be beneficial to one's health.  One reported study claimed that blood pressure was lowered when listening to this frequency. The Shumann [...]
Beethoven Music with Brainwave Entrainment
Enjoy this Beethoven Music with Brainwave Entrainment Video from the creators of the MindPowerMP3 program.   The creators of this video used Beethoven's Fifth Symphony mixed with brainwave entrainment frequencies designed to help your ability to focus and concentrate as well improve your brain power, motivation and problem solving abilities. The creators of the Mind Power MP3 system are running [...]
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