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Puzzle Magic by David Kwong
David Kwong shows some real puzzle magic to a perplexed and ultimately delighted audience! This puzzle magician invites audience members to participate and help him construct his puzzle which he then solves with an included embedded secret as well!
Keith Barry Brain Magic
Is it really brain magic or simply the wizardry of a magician named Keith Barry?  Keith Barry details some of his "brain magic" in this very popular TED talk.  See if you can figure out how mentalist Keith Barry does his magic. A couple of the tricks I've managed to decipher but some I've not yet managed to grasp.  If you know how some of them are done just let us know in the comments section [...]
Mind Test
Test your math skills with this math mind test.   In this math mind test called Rapidmath your objective is to solve as many math problems as you can within 10 seconds.   You receive a time bonus for each correct answer.  If you get 10 in a row correct the countdown will then restart. An ad will run to start the game but just wait til the box in the lower right corner fills and then press that [...]
Free Brain Game – Match 3
This free brain game is called 3 match.   Be forewarned, this brain game can be addicting to play! Once the ad finishes playing click the "play game" button in the lower right corner.   At that point the instructions for the game will show up. How do you play this 3 match brain game?   Click on two pieces to swap them.   Swaps must create a matching set of three-in-a-row, horizontally or [...]
Rotating Dancer Illusion
Today we feature a rotating dancer illusion known as the spinning dancer illusion or silhouette illusion.   This rotating dancer illusion was created in 2003 by Nobuyuki Kayahara.  He is a Japanese web designer and the link with his name goes to the image on his site.   The image is reprinted under the creative commons. You can see the ballerina optical illusion on the left or in the videos. [...]
Cool Brain Illusion Videos
Today we have some more cool brain illusion videos for you.  These videos play with your brain's ability to perceive and how it can interpret things in an "unreal" way! The first video is called "Crazy Nuts."  See if it doesn't drive you crazy...   The next of the brain illusion videos is called "Strange Gravity."  See the lengths that this guy went to to achieve this effect!   [...]
Brain Teaser Videos
I've created a few brain teaser videos for your brain boosting enjoyment.   These videos will give you a couple of mind teasers with a little time to figure them out and a countdown to get the correct answer.  You can get the answer to the last brain teaser on each of these brain teaser videos by visiting one of our pages with 10 brain teasers.  I'll give you the link to the brain teasers page after [...]
10 More Brain Teaser Riddles
Test your brain power with 10 more brain teaser riddles!    You'll find the answers to each of these brain teaser riddles hidden underneath each riddle.  Just hit the show answer button when you are ready to see if you guessed the correct answer to each of these brain teaser riddles. Brain Teaser 1 Here on Earth it's always true that a day follows a day. But there is a place where yesterday [...]
10 Brain Teaser Riddles
Test your brain power with these 10 Brain Teaser Riddles.  But before we get there let me give you a sample brain teaser. The leaves are on the fruit, The fruits is on the leaves. What is it?   Can you guess what it is? I'll give you the answer to that one at the end of this page.  For all the other answers just click the button that says "show answer." Brain Teaser Riddle 1 I begin [...]
Mind Teaser – Can You Guess the Word?
Can you guess the right word in this mind teaser? The way this game works is that you try and guess the word despite there being some letters missing.   The bigger your vocabulary the better your chances of winning this mind teaser.   Which brings up the point that the more you read the better your vocabulary will get - if you look up the words you don't know!   So, read more and expand your [...]
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