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Puzzle Magic by David Kwong
David Kwong shows some real puzzle magic to a perplexed and ultimately delighted audience! This puzzle magician invites audience members to participate and help him construct his puzzle which he then solves with an included embedded secret as well!
Brain Tricks Video
Here is an interesting video called Brain Tricks that shows a bit about how your brain works.  It discusses the two modes your brain goes into at various times - fast thinking and slow thinking.  As the video notes these two perceptions of thinking dictate much of our actions in life.   The video then shows a couple of illusions that trick your fast thinking brain into believing something that is [...]
Keith Barry Brain Magic
Is it really brain magic or simply the wizardry of a magician named Keith Barry?  Keith Barry details some of his "brain magic" in this very popular TED talk.  See if you can figure out how mentalist Keith Barry does his magic. A couple of the tricks I've managed to decipher but some I've not yet managed to grasp.  If you know how some of them are done just let us know in the comments section [...]
Anamorphic Illusions Video
Here is a neat anamorphic illusions video.  Watch and be amazed by the interesting illusions. What is the definition of "anamorphic?"  Anamorphic is the process of creating different optical imaging effects along mutually perpendicular radii.  If that is "clear as mud" simply watch the video. If you enjoy brain illusions check out our brain illusions category.  It includes Weird Illusions, [...]
10 Magic Illusions in Just 5 Minutes
In this popular video Dutch illusionist Hans Klok races the clock to perform 10 magic illusions in just 5 minutes! If you are like me you are probably constantly looking to see how he does it.  I know a fair bit of mystery has been lifted with many of those shows that expose magicians tricks but this Mr. Klok is fast and some of these magic illusions are still real mind benders. So why not sit [...]
Humanlike Robots
These videos feature some amazing humanlike robots.   As technology advances the advances in robotic engineering should be spectacular.   As you watch these videos featuring the humanlike robots ask yourself if one day they might approach the level of thinking and problem solving of our own brains.   Just watching the video above of one of the humanlike robots known as Philip Dick Android it is [...]
Weird Illusions Video
Today we feature some weird illusions in a video that showcases 10 different amazing optical illusions in just 2 minutes.  Actually, we have a couple of weird illusion videos for your mind blowing enjoyment!   Some of the weird illusions in the video above include the "crooked squares illusion," the "freaky faces illusion," and the "strange satellite illusion," Below, we have a cool fire illusion [...]
Sudoku Trick
Today's post features a quick download and read that gives you a neat Sudoku trick that was recently performed by Derren Brown the famous mentalist.  It comes from the creators of the Killer Mentalism program that allows you to learn a variety of other similar tricks. Now this isn't going to give you a Sudoku trick that you can use to solve Sudoku puzzles but rather a Sudoku trick that you can [...]
Rotating Dancer Illusion
Today we feature a rotating dancer illusion known as the spinning dancer illusion or silhouette illusion.   This rotating dancer illusion was created in 2003 by Nobuyuki Kayahara.  He is a Japanese web designer and the link with his name goes to the image on his site.   The image is reprinted under the creative commons. You can see the ballerina optical illusion on the left or in the videos. [...]
Cool Brain Illusion Videos
Today we have some more cool brain illusion videos for you.  These videos play with your brain's ability to perceive and how it can interpret things in an "unreal" way! The first video is called "Crazy Nuts."  See if it doesn't drive you crazy...   The next of the brain illusion videos is called "Strange Gravity."  See the lengths that this guy went to to achieve this effect!   [...]
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