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4 Secrets to Help You Live to 100
Can you live to 100 years of age?   There are no guarantees but there are certain areas where living to 100 is not uncommon.  In the video above the researcher, Dan Buettner, author of the Blue Zones,  notes the attributes shared by those old timers living in these "blue zones." Now, while those in these Blue Zone areas known for their longevity share certain traits there are other traits that [...]
110 Year Old’s Longevity Diet
What does this 110 year old man credit for his long life?  According to him, his longevity diet consists of eating organic fruits and vegetables every day along with avoiding red meat.  And, he cites 5 staples of his longevity diet that he says has helped keep him going strong through the years. What are the 5 main ingredients of his longevity diet? 1.  Garlic 2.  Cinnamon 3.  Honey 4. [...]
The Success Pill – Fact or Fantasy?
In the movie Limitless the main character takes a smart pill or smart drug that can also be called a success pill because of the effects it has on the people that take it.  Watch the trailer for the movie Limitless above to see how it changed the life of one man. Like the mythical pill in the movie, there is now a pill called Provigil that some are touting as a real-life success pill.  Call it [...]
What is the Best Food?
What is the best food on the planet?   The jury is still out and the opinions are varied.   I'm pretty sure though, that that hunk of meat shaped like a question mark is not in the top 10 - at least on the list of the foods that are supposed to be healthy for you! When asking the question of what is the best food I guess it would have to vary by the individual and how they react to their favorite [...]
Vinpocetine for Memory and Brain Power
What is one of the most highly regarded supplements for memory and brain power?   It is Vinpocetine, a derivative from vincamine an extract from the periwinkle plant.  Vinpocetine is reputed to increase blood flow in the brain and may enhance memory and concentration.   It may also be useful in the treatment of Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's.   Vinpocetine is often found in many memory and [...]
Study Reveals Best Diet for the Brain
A recent Oregon study reveals what could be the best diet for the brain.   What were the foods to eat and not to eat for brain and mental health? FOODS NOT TO EAT The Oregon study singled out trans fat as the item you should avoid to prevent brain shrinkage and loss of mental sharpness.  What items contain a lot of trans fat?   Well, if you are a french fry fan like myself those hot salty delicacies [...]
Matcha for Health
Matcha for health?   What does that mean lol?   Matcha is actually a concentrated green tea powder used in Japanese Tea Ceremonies.   The video above shows a typical green tea matcha preparation for a tea ceremony. Matcha powder is loaded with antioxidants and is reputedly better for you than even regular green tea which is supposed to be great for your health and loaded with catechins and antioxidants. You [...]
Food for Thought – Literally!
One of the easiest ways to enhance your brain power is to feed yourself brain boosting food and vitamins.  These foods and supplements are "food for thought" - literally! In my research on brain boosting vitamins and foods I've come across a number of recommendations, some of which I will share with you here.  Now, I'm not a physician so do your own homework and consult your doctor if you plan [...]
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