Can Your Brain Slow Down Time?

Brain power and time perceptionThis brain power video asks the question, “Can your brain slow down time?”

We are probably all familiar with the sensation of time slowing or speeding up based on what is happening in our lives.  For instance, if you are bored at work it might seem like it takes forever for the day to end.  Likewise, if you have an event or situation you are not looking forward to those seem to come up quickly.

Another example, is those who have had near death or close to death experiences often say that they have seen their life pass before their eyes in the last moments.

Obviously our perception of time passing is often based on the events in our lives.  This video, part 1 of a Brain Power video series, examines a group of firefighters caught in a blaze and how their brain seemingly speeds up to handle and process information in the best manner for preserving their lives.  Can your brain slow down time?  Watch and discover for yourself what your brain may be capable of.

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