Breath Exercise for Stress Relief

breath exerciseStress releases cortisol into the body and may cause short and long term damage to the brain.  One of the best ways to keep the brain running smoothly is to do a breath exercise for stress relief.  The video above highlights the benefits of doing a breath exercise in regards to maintaining healthy brain functioning.

Keep in mind that there many different breathing exercises that one can do.  Carrying out certain physical actions, like laughing, may trigger certain emotionally charged thoughts and feelings and actually put you into a good mood.  In the same way, replicating a calm, meditative breathing pattern can actually help you to enter that state of mind or mood.

Breath Exercise to Release Stress Video

The breath exercise videos below can help you release stress and thereby keep your brain operating at peak efficiency.  The first is a deep breathing meditation exercise.


 Breath Exercise Meditation Video featuring Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The breath exercise video below features spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, one of the founders of the The Art of Living referenced in the first video of this post, conducting a 7 minute deep breathing meditation.   In fact, the SKY (Sudarshan Kriya Yoga) method of deep breathing was founded by Sri Sri in 1982 after a ten day period of silent meditation in India.


There are entire books written on the Science of Breath.  Controlled breathing is an essential component of many esoteric and spiritual paths and is often revealed as a gateway to illumination.   It would seem then that one of the keys to boosting your brain power is to learn to control your breath power.  Master your breath, master your life!

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    Absolutely wonderful!

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