Be More Assertive Video

be more assertiveWant to be more assertive?  Now you can with our powerful Be More Assertive Affirmations video.  Filled with positive affirmations to help let you know that your opinion matters you’ll get a quick confidence boost and be more prone to speaking up and standing up for yourself in any situation.

The affirmations in the Be More Assertive video include the ones below:

You are a force of one.
You are confident in your opinion.
You know what you want and easily ask for it.
It is easy for you to express your opinion.
You are bold and assertive.
You deserve to be treated with respect.
You feel powerful and confident.
You have unlimited potential.
You are articulate.
You are smooth and confident.
You handle criticism easily always looking to learn something.
You have high self confidence.
You believe in yourself.
You have a calm confidence.
You are calm and relaxed in any encounter.
You are a great conversationalist.
You feel free to express yourself in any situation.
You have a strong mind.
You are a person of power.
All are attracted to your powerful presence.
You always seek to get better.
You believe in constant and never ending improvement.
You always strive to better yourself.
You are sure of yourself.
You love to stand up for yourself.
You are a leader.
You love to take charge.
You are a class act.
Others admire your tact.
You are a force.
You communicate with others easily.
You take charge.
You are a go getter.
You are super confident.
You have high self esteem.
You love to express yourself in a positive manner.
You treat others with respect and they treat you with respect.
You are a force.

Hope you enjoyed this Be More Assertive video.   Have you tried our Build Your Self Confidence video yet?

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